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Bullying is aggressive behavior that is commonly found in school children. It is not a one-time occurrence and tends to be repeated. Bullying tactics can primarily range from verbal bullying, social bullying, physical bullying and more. It usually happens when there is an imbalance of power between the children. The power in their hands includes being physically stronger, more popular or access to damaging information that is used to cause harm. These imbalances can remain static or change over time. The act of bullying is usually repetitive in nature and often happens more than once. Studies show that both the person who bullies and the person who is bullied can have serious psychological problems because of the experience.

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It should not be looked on as just physical violence as portrayed in movies. Making threats, verbal abuse, intentional exclusion from social groups or activities is also bullying. Verbal Bullying is communicating anything and everything that is designed to cause harm on purpose. This can include teasing about appearance, economic and social status, work submitted by victim, making inappropriate uninvited sexual comments and remarks, etc. Abusers also resort to name-calling, taunts, and threats. Social Bullying is the act of hurting the person's social reputation and relationships. This can mean actively telling people not to be friends with someone, ignoring or leaving them out on purpose, spreading baseless rumors or publicly shaming or embarrassing them. Physical bullying leave scars or marks that are visible to see and therefore easier to identify than social and verbal. It is when an abuser intentionally targets someone and harasses them physically. This kind of violence involves kicking, hitting, spitting, pushing and breaking personal things. People who undergo this feel very isolated and feel as though they cannot ask for help. They will silently bear it and often have several break downs as a result of this. It leads to long term detrimental health effects. The trauma from this is usually not recognized by people at school or home so its important to keep an eye on their behaviors to see if there has been any sudden changes. In extreme cases, victims of bullying may also need to get help from a doctor as is can lead to self-harming habits, eating disorders, etc especially when the abuse is directed at the way they look. There are many ways to identify a victim of bullying. If you see them taking a lot of time off from school, getting in late and avoiding closed off rooms such as rest rooms or locker rooms - it is a marker of being bullied. Other things to look for includes online and offline rumours, being the only one left behind in a class project, spending time alone during breaks, never being invited to class socials gatherings, getting abusive negative text messages etc. If you can recognise even one of these red flags, then you need to immediately bring it to attention and start rectifying the solution. The issue with solving this problem is that the victims do not want to confront the abuser for fear of being a social outcast in school. This means by being very discreet about taking action against the bully. The best thing to do is so to inform a teacher and explain the situation so that the teacher can mediate between both parents. The teacher will also be able to keep a better eye on the student being bullied and prevent future such experiences. They also have the power to have the bully suspended to show how serious the abuse is as a warning to other students. The school has to cultivate an environment that is free of such toxic behaviours. Here are some great quotes on anti-bullying to see how other people cope with this.
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