Emotional Abuse Quotes

Emotional abuse takes many forms. Many people fail to recognize the signs of emotional abuse until it is too late. The abuses can include verbal abuse, manipulation, intimidation, and constant criticism.

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These kind of abusive relationships doesn't leave physical marks and scars but it can have a heavy impact on your mind which can in turn affect your self-esteem. The abuser is well versed in the technique of subtle manipulations and make you feel as though you have no identity without them in their lives. In this way, they slowly and deliberately remove your confidence to go about living life. They also blame the victim for everything bad that happens around them and in the relationship. They never acknowledge their mistakes and always make you feel as though they need to beg for their forgiveness. You may also feel as though there is no way to get out of the relationship and even if you can leave the person, you feel as though you will be left with nothing. This kind of emotional power they have over you helps them control you and make you dependent on them. In addition to verbal abuse, they can also exhibit other emotional characteristics such as rejection where they behave as though they do not notice your presence or actively leaving you out of conversations. They also tend to name-calling and constantly making you feel as though you are not smart. This kind of bullying can also be public showdowns which is very embarrassing. Abusers can also slowly remove you from society by limiting interactions with other people even friends and family. Lastly, by taking control of finances for the family, they can stop your working life and have full power over your actions. The people who inflict this kind of pain sometimes don't realise that they are in the wrong. They assume that their actions are righteous and don't understand the detrimental effect they have on their loved ones. They try to project their insecurities on the victim knowingly or unknowingly. But these people can only be shown the right way through intensive therapy which focuses on their behaviors. In any case, it is difficult to carry on long term relationships with them. They need to learn to respect human beings and be civil in their own time. We cannot expect instant results and hope they will change in a few months. It can take months, years and sometimes they may not even be able to change. For a happy healthy life, we need to be able to love ourselves. This will help us believe in our happiness and what we deserve. So, start focusing on your life and then you will find space to share it with someone else who also believes in your goals. Without your own identity, you can get swept away in another person's life path. Every day, make choices that also benefit you and then once you are comfortable with the way life is working out, you can share it with someone special. Remember, if you are starting a family then the abuse is also shared by your children and it is not a safe environment for them to grow up in. They can also grow up to be emotionally abusive. Before it gets too late, work up the confidence to leave the abuser in your life. It takes times but people do it everyday around the world. Educate yourself on the different ways we can be affected by such abuse. And you are not alone in this suffering. Read the different quotes and sayings by people who went through this abuse or are still undergoing it. Take insights from their experience.
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