Quotes about Anxiety

Anxiety is a crippling emotion for people who experience it. It invades our thoughts and makes us incapacitated when we try to make decisions every day. Somedays we are fearless and we look to the world to chase our dreams and then there are days that are so dark because we believe the worst of things will happen. Anxieties cause people to make emotionally charged choices that stop us from really living life.

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Anxieties can affect all of us. It can affect you when you go to school or go to work or sitting at home. Even a simple act like crossing the road or riding the bus can feel debilitating. That's how handicapping anxieties are. Most people ignore these anxieties and dismiss them as normal stress of life. But it does affect certain people more than others. We have to distinguish situational anxieties from long term anxieties and get the right help. When someone is anxious, their heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster and all focus is lost. The body also reacts to this with nausea, sweating and the inability to communicate effectively. Although these symptoms are not serious enough to treated by a medical professional, it is a serious problem that needs to dealt with swiftly. And the treatment is usually more long term in nature. Situational anxieties can be jitters before a big presentation, meeting new people, dating, first-time mothers etc. These are triggered by extreme nervousness of doing something for the first time and feeling a lot of pressure to do well or make a good impression. People who suffer from long term nervousness feel uneasy most of the time along with restlessness, feelings of danger or dread and have difficulty with sleep, being rested or have healthy relationships. At an individual level, reducing screen time always helps in managing anxiety. Studies also show that reading also reduces stress. These are two very basic but also simple steps we can take every day to fight anxieties. This page on quotes is to help you manage anxiety. It's a safe space where you can read how other people in the world deal with anxieties and gain insights into the troubling emotion that comes over us. There are many times that we wonder why we are not able to perform simple tasks that many others are so easily able to do. Reading what other people have written makes us realise we are not alone in these problems and we can start practicing methods to control these issues. Meditation is another great way to manage anxiety as it brings us to the present and away from the dark thoughts. It is a way to slowly build strength slowly and steadily. We always think of building healthy bodies but not our minds. Our minds control everything we do and feeding it positive and encouraging thoughts will enable us to build more fulfilling lives. Focus on the day to day and learn to understand that we cannot predict or control the future. Lifestyle changes also help in bringing about greater anxiety management. You should not be afraid to seek therapy to control anxiety as it can bring about good learning outcomes on the root of all anxiety problems. Always remember that it is something that affects almost everyone in varying degrees and we are in complete control of managing it even though it may not feel that way. Great writers, leaders, philosophers and artists frequently bring focus to anxiety and the way our minds are victims of uncontrollable anxieties. It is a part of being human and how we function. It makes us question, be wary of and take caution when navigating life. We should manage anxiety before it manages us. Find below an extensive list of quotes and sayings on anxiety and its effects.
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