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When we purposely remove ourselves from society for personal reflection, our mental health improves. When we find ourselves feeling alone every day, it brings an unwelcome emotion and a state of desolateness. When you start to feel this way, remember you are not alone in your loneliness. Find a minute to read and relate to what loneliness is to people from around the world.

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Loneliness as a concept has been finding new meaning over the years. In the early 16th century, loneliness was used to describe people who were physically away from their villages, towns or communities. The isolated roads, deserts, mountains, and forests would lead to acute suffering in the traveler but this was easily cured when they returned to their social home and back to the warmth of their village. History and literature often depict loneliness as a feeling of emptiness when we leave familiar grounds. And It talks of the joy of returning home that removes all the pain. Today, the world is so deeply connected that it gives us eyes and ears into even the most remote parts of the world. We watch the royal wedding, friends eating crab cakes in Bali, FaceTime with cousins in Australia - all in the palm of our hands. Our fingers type " so happy for you" and our mind says "I feel left out". It appears that increasing connections online leaves us with vacant relationships offline. So now the emptiness has infiltrated our homes and social spaces. It is ever-present in our lives and shadows our movements as we have our morning coffee, ride the subway, drink beer with friends or sit down for a meal with our family. Loneliness is a byproduct of our social construct and it is therefore hard to run from. Nearly 50% of Americans *always* or *sometimes* feel lonely and in the UK, 25% suffer from loneliness. We often refer to this as the "Loneliness Epidemic" because it is so widespread across countries. Especially in the west, cultural and economic changes have brought focus on to the individual and the serving of self-interest. The growth of the consumer economy, diminishing religious influence and understanding of evolutionary biology have lead our society to emphasize the importance of the individual over the society. This new notion takes us on a long, lonely and competitive journey that has a deeply negative impact on our mental infrastructure. Combating loneliness is a larger socio-economic problem that requires effective government policies, promotion of the right environment and also a positive movement from society to address loneliness head-on and remove the stigma associated with it. At an individual level, the best way to start coming out of this darkness is to make choices that will help us engage more with the outside world. You can start by making time to meet people every week outside of the work environment. You can join a new club or start a new activity that helps you meet new and interesting people. These consciously made decisions help you to see things around you differently and also disconnect from the regular routines offline and online. Traveling to new countries is a very effective way to removing feelings of emptiness as you will be constantly doing new things and experiencing new cultures. Reading is also a great way to effectively curb the feelings of loneliness. These things take time and the most important thing to remember that you have to be patient with yourself and take one step at a time. But you will feel better each day from the results of taking the steps to cure loneliness. Read what people say about loneliness in the quotes below because you are certainly going to relate what other people are going through. Find insights from their journeys and thoughts on being lonely.
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