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Social anxiety is the fear of interaction with people in social situations. People who suffer from this are anxious because of the negative judgment passed by people they meet in their life. It can be so severe that it affects a person's day to day life. Simple things like entering a room, crossing the road etc can trigger anxiety problems and cause extreme nervousness.

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This stress can be caused by trauma from childhood where the child might have been exposed to physical, emotional or even sexual abuse. This can influence a person's perception of society and behavioural changes. It is a disorder that has been gaining more recognition in recent years and not viewed as a phobia anymore. This is encouraging as it means there will be better efficacy in treatment of this anxiety. Apart from childhood influences, the enviorment ...and experiences had so far in adulthood. The issue with this disorder is that people do not how to recognize this issue early on. They might assume there is something wrong with them as they are not able to do "normal" things that others are doing. It slowly creeps in other aspects of your life and not just the social aspect. Some people cannot even answer phone calls. They prefer texting. When meeting people, they find it hard to make small talk or even make eye contact. This makes them more stressed as they are aware they are not as at ease as the other person. People misdiagnose this as shyness which can be overcome soon. It's important to distinguish the two as it can spiral out of control. Some of the common situations where people feel severe anxiety are when they have to meet new people, talk to strangers, enter rooms, attend parties, eat in front of other people, go to work, ride the subway, start a conversation, enter shops, ordering food, dating etc. The anxiety develops further into feeling embarrassed, humiliated, extremely self-consciousness and inferiority complex. Although they are very much aware of this societal based fear, it does not go away with more interaction with people. It may reduce it for a few people but does not go away completely. This disorder affects many millions of people around the world. Some have more focused anxieties whereas others have general social anxiety. People who suffer from general anxieties tend to feel nervous and uneasy all the time. This can lead to depression, self-doubt, and indecisiveness leading to a problematic life. The great news is that this is a disorder that can be treated. By attending cognitive behavioral therapy, one can find very good results in managing this stress. Research shows it creates permanent healthy changes in the person who previously had social anxiety. With patience, persistence and consistent care, one will be able to differentiate rational fears and irrational fears and the root of it. You can slowly build the mental strength to battle this through different concepts, strategies and learnings. The quotes below are a compilation from different people from around the world who undergo this problem. Reading this is a first step to understanding that it is a common issue and can be treated. You will be able to gain insights into this problem. You are not alone in this fight. People overcome it everyday because its a problem that has a solution. You will be able to relate to a lot of the sayings about social anxiety and the feelings around it. The world is not as severe as you think and you will surprisingly find more people on your boat than you think. The people here have gone onto become extremely successful people with great careers by managing their anxieties.
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